Five Benefits of Using Mulch

This mulch is fresh out of the chipper.

Healthy Trees

Would you like to improve the health and look of your tree for very little cost? Use mulch. Besides deep root fertilization, and organically improving your soil, (which Aabear Tree specializes in), putting down mulch is one of the most beneficial and inexpensive ways to improve the vitality and appearance of your trees. Plus you can do it yourself. In this article you will read five benefits of using mulch. There are many different types of mulch, however the mulch I refer to is organic: wood chips, pine needles, old leaves, nut shells, and bark chips.

Mulch Holds in Moisture

It gets hot here in Central Texas, and in Texas, water is liquid gold. Don’t let that rainwater just evaporate and dry up. Use mulch to help hold the moisture in the soil. I know in Georgetown there are strict watering regulations, so help yourself and your tree by applying mulch.

Mulch Improves Your Soil

I grew up hiking in the woods around Liberty Hill. The forest floor is littered with leaves and fallen limbs. The trees there look quite healthy. This is because no one has raked away and robbed the forest of its mulch. The decomposing wood increases the organic matter, which improves the soil structure. If you improve the soil, you will make your trees happy. A manicured yard is not always best for the trees.

Mulch Protects Your Trees From Lawn Mowers and Weed Eaters

Have you ever seen wounds at the base of the trunk? More often than not this is caused by lawn mowers. We just cut down an elm in Leander that was wounded badly by a mower. As you read this, memories of you nicking a tree trunk or two with your weed eater probably come to mind. When mulch is properly spread on the ground all around the base of your tree that there is no reason for a lawn mower or weed eater to come in contact with your tree. Mulch to the rescue!

Mulch Helps Fight Weeds

Are you tired of fighting those pesky weeds? Of course you are! Cover them up with mulch. The mulch will suffocate the weeds that are stealing water from your tree. Look at this way; it’s less to mow. As weeds pop up you can pull them or knock them down with your weed eater, but don’t hit your tree!

Mulch Looks Nice Around Your Tree

A lot of folks are struggling to grow grass under their big shade trees. Don’t bother. Spread mulch around the base of the tree to the drip line, put a nice border, and plant grass on the outside of the mulch. Easy fix!

Application of the Mulch

Now that you know that mulch is good, it is important for you to apply it properly. I have seen lots of mulch volcanoes piled high at the base of the tree. This is not good. Wider is better. Don’t bury your trunk in mulch. In fact, pull it away from the trunk and spread it to the drip line. Don’t be bashful, make it two to four inches deep. To keep your mulch looking fresh, you can hand till it, and apply new mulch as needed. If you really want to boost your mulch, ask us at Aabear Tree about “Waste Away.”

Where Do I Get Mulch?

Austin Wood and Recycling in Cedar Park is great place to get mulch, or you can go to your local nursery or garden center. This is not a task that you need to hire out. Do this yourself, and have fun doing it. If your trees could talk, they would thank you.